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How it Works

 We understand the challenges performers face when getting gigs or finding a band to join.

We developed a free platform that is made for performers, by performers to make life easy.

With GIGMEUP, you can streamline your booking process while saving money on agent fees.

We believe in putting artists first, a Small Donation Sustains Live Music through an Innovative Platform.

Sign Up

Sign up as either a Talent, Customer,

Join a band or a Venue for free.

You now have access to your own members area to upload pictures and videos for people to view your expertise.

We do offer an advertise package for stores to promote  their products.

Search for a Talent

Our search  facility  allows area and genre to be selected locally or worldwide.

Want to join a band search your desired talent and area and message for free.

Click on talents  profile and message them your requirements and dates.

Find out their availability and confirm.

Book your Talent

Found your Talent, agreed when, where and  fee. click on book now button.

Input the date and time and confirm.

Choose a donation amount and a confirmation receipt is sent to both parties. The donation covers website fees and upkeep allowing you to save.

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