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Go Live for Less than Five

Gigmeup makes booking a band online hassle-free. No sign up fee or monthly subscrption, bands can go live  for less than five and showcase their talent, eliminating the need for expensive agent fees. Our extensive database of bands makes it simple to search and book the perfect act for any event. Get ready to experience seamless online band booking without breaking the bank.

The Ultimate Destination for Live Entertainment

Gigmeup is your go-to music agent for the best venues, gigs, bands, and concerts. We allow venues  to book  talented musicians to create unforgettable events. Whether you're looking for live music for a grand opening, a corporate event, or a private party, Gigmeup allows you to search for the perfect act for you.

How we work. Agents charge a minimum of ten percent to bands to find them gigs. We don't charge a monthly fee to sign up to our site, all we ask for is less than a pint is £4.95 when you book. Venues obviously  have to agree a price with the band but taking out the commission fees allows bands to charge less or spend more on travel and not be punished. Sign up today its free.

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On-Time Performances

Our commitment to on-time performances ensures your event unfolds seamlessly, with every beat hitting the right moment. Elevate your occasions with GIGMEUP


Leading Agency

 Elevate your events with top-tier talents and seamless expertise. 

Where excellence meets the stage, your musical journey begins."


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We deliver exceptional performances that resonate with delight. Entrust your musical aspirations to us, and let every note be a source of pure satisfaction

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Talented People

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Staff Members

Latest Musical Talent

Dive into the Pulse: Discover the Latest Musical Talent. Uncover a symphony of fresh sounds and emerging artists at GIGMEUP. 

Elevate your events with the hottest acts, creating unforgettable moments with the latest in musical innovation. 

If You Want to Become a Member

Do You Have Any Queries?

"Got Questions? We've Got Answers. Drop your queries here and let's start a conversation. Whether it's about bookings, events, or the perfect musical vibe, we're here to help. Your inquiries, our expertise – let's make your musical aspirations a reality."

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07878 388 166

What Our Client Say's

Absolutely blown away by the musical talent Gigmeup brought to my event! From the seamless booking process to the incredible performance, they exceeded my expectations. 

Alexa Young, CA

The artist perfectly captured the vibe I was aiming for, making it a night to remember. Gigmeup is my go-to for bringing the right melody to any occasion. Highly recommended!

Morgan James, NY

 Gigmeup truly understands the art of creating memorable experiences through music. I'm grateful for their professionalism and the magic they brought to our celebration

Lisa Driver, MI

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