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Our main focus is to unite musicians and music lovers alike.

gig me up live music

Who we are

As two seasoned musicians, exhausted by the exorbitant commissions charged for low paid gigs, we took matters into our own hands. We established a website that brings together musicians, venues, and talents, all without any fees or commissions.

What we do

Gigmeup provides a platform for talent to showcase their videos and connect with venues to secure  bookings. Venues can display their menus, upcoming events, and search or request talent. Our search feature is highly accurate, allowing you to find talent right in your neighborhood or globally.

What you need

Are you an aspiring musician seeking to connect with other musicians? Struggling to find a band to collaborate with? Gigmeup offers a platform where you can sign up for free, whether you are looking to join a band or searching for a specific musician to join you. Simply select your preference when signing up, input your location, and utilize our comprehensive search feature. You can easily communicate with potential band members or musicians without any fees. Please feel free to leave a  donation from as little as a pound.

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